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Diary of an Introvert: Episode Two

“It’s not that I don’t like other people.” tap-tap-tap-taptaptap-tap-tap-click “It’s just… I’m exhausted even thinking about parties.” taptaptap-tap-ratta-tap-tap-click-tap-click “I need to rest myself, rejuvenate. Re-energize. I can’t do that in a…” silence from the keyboard “You’re just making excuses. If … Continue reading

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I Wore a Kippah

I played with the clips on the inside of my kippah that I bought in Israel, studying the knitted pattern in swirling blues, white and black. I’d felt almost a calling. A whisper at the back of my head. “Where … Continue reading

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Diary of an Introvert – Episode One

As the water starts to fall I can feel the tension, the pain, the anxiety and the overstimulation sluice off of me as rivulets of water run down my body. The warmth of the water seeps into my skin, slackening … Continue reading

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