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Cancelled; Interrupted

If I drank from the cup of desire would I taste your sweat and skin? If I stepped into your heart’s fire what story would I begin? Do we dream together at night Or alone in our own beds? Is … Continue reading

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Day Nine

In this, dear readers, I can be brief (I hope)! Day Nine was LONG and filled with many stops in Jerusalem to discuss the implications of the occupation of Palestinian territories and the history therein. We started by traveling to … Continue reading

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Days Seven and Eight

  By far, dear readers, these were the days that I both anticipated and dreaded the most. That I knew I would get the most out of, and have the hardest time. These were the days of Tzfat, Tzippori, the … Continue reading

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Days Five and Six

You may have noticed that I missed a day again, dear readers. That’s because for Shabbat (day five of our trip, and Saturday) I was so focused on resting that by the time I found time to blog again, it … Continue reading

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Days Three and Four

As you may have noticed, I missed day three in my blogging. I had a good reason: Day three was long and mentally draining; by the time we were released on our own recognizance (about 9:30pm) I was exhausted. I … Continue reading

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Day Two

Day two dawned bright and early at 6am. I had intended to wake up earlier than my roommates but they were both way ahead of me! I’m surprised, though; I slept extremely well, and I woke up refreshed and ready … Continue reading

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Day One and a Half

As I sit on the bus, waiting for the group to get comfortable for our trip into Jerusalem, I’m blown away by the immensity of the truth. We are in Israel. Gorgeous, hot, sunny, wonderful Israel. While our trip to … Continue reading

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