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These essays discuss or include sources from within academic psychology.

Bipolar Disorder is not a Pendulum

I did something herculean today: I did all of the work I needed to do and then some. To most people this is nothing. They don’t feel accomplished by doing the bare minimum. For someone with bipolar disorder, the bare … Continue reading

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Lady Dynamite, Laughing, and Being Bipolar

I have loved Maria Bamford since I was a kid and I first saw her standup on comedy central. The zaniness, the characters, the self-deprecation all rang true for me. That said, I’ve never been the type to follow through with a … Continue reading

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The Introvert Tango; A dance my brain does

Growing up I was often told, explicitly and otherwise, that I wanted to have many friends, that I wanted to go to parties with many people and dance and drink and kiss strangers in the the throbbing bass and strobe … Continue reading

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