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An eclectic person living in a world rife with binaries, opposition, anger and pain and trying to find the spectra, love, happiness and catharsis within.

A Holiday Message to my Trans Siblings and Queer Cousins

A message for my transgender siblings and queer cousins on the holidays Continue reading

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Bereshit – בראשית

Introduction: I’ve decided to start a sort of “Torah Study” regular entry. Every Saturday (or close to it) I’ll sit down and read the Torah portion, or Parsha, for that week in the original Hebrew with the aid of a … Continue reading

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Bipolar Disorder is not a Pendulum

I did something herculean today: I did all of the work I needed to do and then some. To most people this is nothing. They don’t feel accomplished by doing the bare minimum. For someone with bipolar disorder, the bare … Continue reading

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Feeling Single Sucks

Maybe it’s selection bias, but I’ve read so many articles on how difficult being single is that it almost feels like a fun cliche. I can feel the editor salivating at the prospect of all of the hits from single … Continue reading

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Is This Thing On?

Friday I went to see the new Ghostbusters flick. While it’s absolutely fantastic (seriously, I loved it; if this had been the original I would have been obsessed with the movies as a kid instead of thinking they were boring), … Continue reading

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Lady Dynamite, Laughing, and Being Bipolar

I have loved Maria Bamford since I was a kid and I first saw her standup on comedy central. The zaniness, the characters, the self-deprecation all rang true for me. That said, I’ve never been the type to follow through with a … Continue reading

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The Fluffy Guide to Dating Profile Writing

Something I’ve noticed over the course of the last few years with profiles on dating and hook-up sites is that people are really horrible at creating a profile that sings. Part of this is because there’s no one that teaches … Continue reading

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Glitter as Spiritual Awakening

​Glitter. To some the scourge of a well-stocked arts and crafts armory. To others a delightful toy. To still others a precision art tool. And to some? A spiritual gateway. The soul of glitter is one that sings to me. … Continue reading

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Not all who claim manhood are men. Not all who are men claim manhood.

I recently had the absolutely wonderful fortune to spend five days in the woods of a very tall place in Pennsylvania, surrounded by queer men who are pagan (and some who don’t identify that way) in the pursuit of spiritual … Continue reading

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Internalized Heterosexism Kills the Queer Male

Dear gay men who get offended at even the idea of other gay men who bareback &/or do drugs: love yourself & reject your heterosexism, please — Most Mild Misandrist (@FluffyEclectic) May 29, 2015 So started an open letter on … Continue reading

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