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Consent Culture is Hard, Yo.

One of the core tenants of¬†feminism, the insidious pervasiveness of rape culture, is countered by the almost utopian ideal of consent culture. To counter the sense of entitlement toward womens’ bodies embodied with rape culture, the idea is to promote … Continue reading

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On Satire, Tone, Rape Culture, and Critical Thinking

I’ve found that I can’t stand satire when it’s violent. I just can’t. Irreverent, witty, and perhaps a bit “holier than thou,” but not violent or even in defense of violence. I lose the message for the words. I had … Continue reading

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The Beginning of the End

I’ve been blogging for not-quite most of my life so far. I’ve never really had a blog that’s been dedicated to being open about myself, a merging of my public and personal lives. This is an attempt to really create … Continue reading

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