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The Ensemble as Organism: Part Two

Silence is an instrument. The ecstatic reality of an ensemble that has learned how to effectively “play” silence is one that can’t be described by words. Modern composers, often laughed at, have played with silence not only as a tool … Continue reading

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whisk, Whisk (a shortie)

Occasionally I’ll let my mind wander onto topics that I usually feel are too triggering and difficult. Today I had one such episode in which I pondered the “issue” around “gay marriage” (I refuse to call it equal marriage until, … Continue reading

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Diary of an Introvert – Episode Three

[Content Warning: this post discusses outsider syndrome in-depth, touching on intersectionalities of cisnormativity, fatphobia, ableism, heteronormativity and mononormativity. There’s an easier-to-read prelude of sorts that I storified from my twitter here: if after reading that it doesn’t seem triggery/problematic you should … Continue reading

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