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Pitch Perfect Queerbaiting

Pitch Perfect 2 was one of my most anticipated movies of the year. The moment I found out about its creation I knew I would see it on opening day. Imagine my surprise when I got a chance to see … Continue reading

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Singular They: On Judaism, Tumtum, and Inhabiting a Genderqueer Identity

Those that know me in almost any capacity nowadays know and understand that my gender is a confusing topic full of twists and turns and quite a lot of anger at┬ácisgender┬ápeople. I was raised male, using he, him, his pronouns, … Continue reading

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National Coming Out Day

Today (October 11th 2012) was the annual National Coming Out Day. I have mixed feelings about this day. About this holiday. About this celebration of a narrative that leaves so many in the dark, feeling alone and abandoned by those … Continue reading

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