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Internalized Heterosexism Kills the Queer Male

Dear gay men who get offended at even the idea of other gay men who bareback &/or do drugs: love yourself & reject your heterosexism, please — Most Mild Misandrist (@FluffyEclectic) May 29, 2015 So started an open letter on … Continue reading

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whisk, Whisk (a shortie)

Occasionally I’ll let my mind wander onto topics that I usually feel are too triggering and difficult. Today I had one such episode in which I pondered the “issue” around “gay marriage” (I refuse to call it equal marriage until, … Continue reading

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The Myriad Duties of an Ally

Note: If you’d like to skip down to the listed duties of an ally, please do; I’ll make a header that makes it easy to find. Everything before it is an explanation of how I came to feel like a(nother) … Continue reading

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Consent Culture is Hard, Yo.

One of the core tenants of¬†feminism, the insidious pervasiveness of rape culture, is countered by the almost utopian ideal of consent culture. To counter the sense of entitlement toward womens’ bodies embodied with rape culture, the idea is to promote … Continue reading

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On Satire, Tone, Rape Culture, and Critical Thinking

I’ve found that I can’t stand satire when it’s violent. I just can’t. Irreverent, witty, and perhaps a bit “holier than thou,” but not violent or even in defense of violence. I lose the message for the words. I had … Continue reading

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