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Pitch Perfect Queerbaiting

Pitch Perfect 2 was one of my most anticipated movies of the year. The moment I found out about its creation I knew I would see it on opening day. Imagine my surprise when I got a chance to see … Continue reading

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The Transitive Property of Glitter

[NOTE: This is an old post from elsewhere that I’ve edited up to repost here; I’ve since stepped back from the Ke$ha fandom because her politics (or rather lack thereof) got in the way of my enjoyment of her music … Continue reading

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The Ensemble as Organism: Part Two

Silence is an instrument. The ecstatic reality of an ensemble that has learned how to effectively “play” silence is one that can’t be described by words. Modern composers, often laughed at, have played with silence not only as a tool … Continue reading

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The Ensemble as Organism: Part One

As a musician I have a pretty strange concept of what that art means to me. Most musicians seem to be of the opinion that music is meant to be heard, to be experienced by an audience, by a listener. … Continue reading

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