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The Fluffy Guide to Dating Profile Writing

Something I’ve noticed over the course of the last few years with profiles on dating and hook-up sites is that people are really horrible at creating a profile that sings. Part of this is because there’s no one that teaches … Continue reading

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Day Nine

In this, dear readers, I can be brief (I hope)! Day Nine was LONG and filled with many stops in Jerusalem to discuss the implications of the occupation of Palestinian territories and the history therein. We started by traveling to … Continue reading

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Days Seven and Eight

  By far, dear readers, these were the days that I both anticipated and dreaded the most. That I knew I would get the most out of, and have the hardest time. These were the days of Tzfat, Tzippori, the … Continue reading

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The Myriad Duties of an Ally

Note: If you’d like to skip down to the listed duties of an ally, please do; I’ll make a header that makes it easy to find. Everything before it is an explanation of how I came to feel like a(nother) … Continue reading

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The Introvert Tango; A dance my brain does

Growing up I was often told, explicitly and otherwise, that I wanted to have many friends, that I wanted to go to parties with many people and dance and drink and kiss strangers in the the throbbing bass and strobe … Continue reading

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On Satire, Tone, Rape Culture, and Critical Thinking

I’ve found that I can’t stand satire when it’s violent. I just can’t. Irreverent, witty, and perhaps a bit “holier than thou,” but not violent or even in defense of violence. I lose the message for the words. I had … Continue reading

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