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An Update!

Hello all, As those of you who follow me on twitter know, I have a LOT going on right now. That’s why I’m late with my latest diary of an introvert post! Well, that and work + school. Oh, hey, … Continue reading

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The Myriad Duties of an Ally

Note: If you’d like to skip down to the listed duties of an ally, please do; I’ll make a header that makes it easy to find. Everything before it is an explanation of how I came to feel like a(nother) … Continue reading

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Today I cut my hair

I leave for The Land of Milk and Honey on June 3rd. In some ways this haircut is symbolic. A ritualistic shedding of the old to allow the growth of the new. In other ways, I really just needed a … Continue reading

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Buy One Get One; a collusion of the present with the past

I’m going to get a little personal here. More so than I had been before. This post is about love and what I’m looking for. This is actually a combination of two journal entries that I wanted to share. The … Continue reading

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“Sorry I’ve Been Gone” song and dance

I sit here in the holiday daze, midway through the winter break, I’ve got a paper to write (due “before the new year”) and dishes to do, still I find myself here. I’ve neglected this blog far too often and … Continue reading

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An Addendum to the Introduction

Hello WordPress! It’s been a few weeks. I don’t honestly remember if I’ve mentioned that I’m a graduate student; I don’t honestly remember if I updated the blog with the fact that I have a job now. I do know … Continue reading

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The Beginning of the End

I’ve been blogging for not-quite most of my life so far. I’ve never really had a blog that’s been dedicated to being open about myself, a merging of my public and personal lives. This is an attempt to really create … Continue reading

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