#RadicalSelfieLove 30 Day Challenge

I am creating a challenge to everyone who is working on radical self love as a praxis (like me).

The #RadicalSelfieLove 30 day challenge. While I’m going to only be participating on twitter, feel free to participate anywhere! Here are the rules:

1. Post 1 selfie a day on whatever medium you choose with the hashtag #RadicalSelfieLove for 30 days straight. If you miss one, don’t stress, just post two the next day.
2. Selfie MUST only be of yourself.
3. Selfie MUST be taken by yourself.
4. Posts MUST include something you like about yourself in that picture (e.g. “I look so happy” or “my hair looks great here” etc.).

5. While the selfies don’t have to show nudity, take them without wearing clothes.
6. #Nofilter
7. Use a different pose and/or angle each day.


Check out my twitter feed tonight for my first #RadicalSelfieLove post :3


About Michael Robinson

An eclectic person living in a world rife with binaries, opposition, anger and pain and trying to find the spectra, love, happiness and catharsis within.
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