An Update!

Hello all,

As those of you who follow me on twitter know, I have a LOT going on right now. That’s why I’m late with my latest diary of an introvert post! Well, that and work + school.

Oh, hey, you want to help me make the blog a bigger priority, you say? How about thinking about donating?

Donate Button with Credit Cards

That’s right, I have a snazzy tip button that will let you donate to me through paypal. I even figured out how to add it to the sidebar (no small feat for me; wordpress has a frustrating interface) so that you can do it EVEN WITHOUT having to find this post! Aren’t I awesome?

(The answer is yes)

I’ll have more details “soon” but suffice it to say that I’ve got some exciting news upcoming. I will hopefully finish the Diary of an Introvert post by Friday; it’s a good one, too, all about the skills lost by being more introverted.

Till then, dear readers, I wish you well.


About Michael Robinson

An eclectic person living in a world rife with binaries, opposition, anger and pain and trying to find the spectra, love, happiness and catharsis within.
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