Today I cut my hair

I leave for The Land of Milk and Honey on June 3rd.

In some ways this haircut is symbolic. A ritualistic shedding of the old to allow the growth of the new. In other ways, I really just needed a new damned haircut because I was beginning to resemble a blond sheepdog.

There is this near-impossibility to really believe that it’s happening. I keep dawning on it while doing something completely unrelated.

“Hm, do I want twelve or eighteen eggs? I’M GOING TO ISRAEL. Let’s check the price differences… ISRAEL! Yeah, I’m gonna go with 18, it’s worth ISRAEL it.”

I can’t wait to visit the wall at Jerusalem. I can’t wait to climb Mt. Massada. I can’t wait (and hope) to visit Eilot. I hope we visit Tzfat, one of the holy cities and the center for Jewish mysticism.

I’m still in awe that I’m even going. Even if we chose to spend the whole time in Beersheba I’ll be thrilled.  Expect to see a daily blog post around then cataloging what I’ve done… as much for my own memory as to share.


Note: The format of this blog is going to change a bit; I’ve added two new categories: Blog and Argument. Generally, most of my old entries up to this point will be catalogued as Arguments. If you see that category, it means that it is a persuasive post and meant to mirror the same level of quality as those old entries. Blog, however, is a shorter, more personal set; posts about me, in particular, and my life. I am trying to think of another category for non-argument resources in my social justice writing as well; posts like my “Myriad Duties of an Ally” (HOPEFULLY I’ll finish this soon, I’m in the final stages) don’t really stand as arguments, per say, so I’d like to have a more appropriate category.

About Michael Robinson

An eclectic person living in a world rife with binaries, opposition, anger and pain and trying to find the spectra, love, happiness and catharsis within.
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